Unique and elegant


Create unique and elegant floors with our textile floor coverings. We offer itisons in sheets and rolls, with exceptional properties that are suitable for public, business and private spaces. Premium quality, the best nylon fibers are used, deep dyed, which ensures very good durability, resistance to stains and fading. Affordable yet luxurious, excellent durability, appearance and long life of our textile floor coverings. There is definitely something to suit your taste in the collections, with which you can create a superior and elegant environment at an affordable price.

Flotex hybrid floor covering

Flotex is a unique textile floor covering that combines the wear resistance and durability of flexible floors with the quality, warmth and comfort of carpet. Flotex is a strong, hygienic and completely waterproof floor covering, which is also the only truly washable textile floor covering on the market.

Textile panels

High-quality textile tiles in dimensions 50x50 cm and 50x25 cm. Flotex tiles are easy to combine with other flooring solutions and formats, so you have endless possibilities to create your own modular design. We offer 5 different designs in tile format, varying from sophisticated linear designs to colorful monochrome and unique embossed designs.

Textile floor coverings in a roll

Suitable for residential buildings, business buildings, hotels. Custom production is also possible. An affordable and durable option for your needs.

Prednosti tekstilnih talnih oblog

Obstojna, elegantna in unikatna tla za boljše bivanje.


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